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Thread: Share internet to phone using bluetooth?

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    Share internet to phone using bluetooth?

    I would like to share my internet connection from my Asus to my Sony Ericsson w880i phone using a usb Bluetooth dongle. I am now using my internet connection through bluetooth from my computer but I would like to be able to surf without having the pc on, and I'm quite sure it should be possible with the WL-500gP.

    I have tried this which I think should work, but it doesn't:
    I had to change some things as I am using the "Headstart II" by raas in the tutorials section, which has a bit different structure. I used /opt/etc/bluez instead of /tmp/harddisk/bluez, hope that is right.
    But it just results in:
    [admin@asus bluez]$ ./start-bluez 
    Segmentation fault
    cannot remove `/opt/var/run/dbus/pid': No such file or directory
    Segmentation fault
    Segmentation fault
    Segmentation fault
    ./start-bluez: ./start-bluez: 14: sdpd: not found
    ./start-bluez: ./start-bluez: 15: pand: not found
    The start-bluez file looks like this:
    insmod /opt/etc/bluez/module/bluez.o
    insmod /opt/etc/bluez/module/hci_usb.o
    insmod /opt/etc/bluez/module/l2cap.o
    insmod /opt/etc/bluez/module/rfcomm.o
    insmod /opt/etc/bluez/module/bnep.o
    insmod /opt/etc/bluez/module/sco.o
    rm /opt/var/run/dbus/pid
    dbus-daemon --system
    hciconfig hci0 up piscan
    pand --listen --master --role NAP --devup /opt/etc/bluez/dev-up
    I have also looked at this page which has the solution for debian etch:
    But I can't install the "bluetooth" package in the very beginning, and maybe it wouldn't work anyway.

    Here is also some (quite old) bluetooth-info:

    And here is also some general info:

    So can someone help me, how do I get bluez working and what else is needed to share the internet through bluetooth PAN?
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    Could someone help? Just some "general linux bluetooth tricks/advices" could help me a lot...

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    Have you seen this post? Its a bit old but it discusses bluetooth connectivity in some detail. Maybe the problems they are having were resolved in r1222 version.

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