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Thread: Configuring a static IP for my Laptop?

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    Configuring a static IP for my Laptop?

    Hi - I am trying to get a static IP at to be able to access a remote service of my favorite music program at port 52199 through the public Internet.

    Well, I could set up an account and can now access the homepage of my router via the Internet at - so the static IP-service works well, but when I try , I get an error message.

    Might be a stupid question, but - what am I doing wrong?

    I thought if I am getting the home page of the router at the Internet through DYNDNS, then I automatically should be able to access all other services running on my laptop?

    Thx for help
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    As I know you have to configure the routers firewall settings.
    I guess you can do this at Web Interface under Port-Forwarding or you can make an iptable rule. For second solution ssh connection is needed.

    Router: WL-500w@128MB Ram
    Firmware: WL500W-

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