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I have a friend that owns a 72 room hotel. Currently, he has a commercial brand WiFi service for the guests that connects to his cable modem. His front desk computers, security camera system, and printers are all on this same sub-net (He just bought the hotel, and that was from the prev. owner).

As the router/gateway, would the Asus WL-500gP be sufficient in this environment?
The thought is to have 3 VLAN's. 1 for the Guests on the WiFi, one for the security camera's, and one for the business computers. The WiFi VLAN will be in a DMZ, un-filtered/un-restricted traffic as it is now. The Security camera VLAN and business computer VLAN will have some filtering via SNORT in-line and CLAM-AV.

He wants to be able to view his security cameras from home, so I would have to set up DYNDNS and a possible VPN.

Worst case scenario, 72 rooms are occupied with WiFi laptops and using the internet. I am not sure of the speed of his cablemodem, but would the bandwidth at the cablemodem be exceeded well before the load on the ASUS?

I have upgraded an ASUS to the 128Mb ram, and have run OpenWRT on it. If 1 upgraded ASUS is not enough, would 2 of them doing load balancing be sufficient?

Or should I have him purchase a used Cisco SoHo router or 1721 series router to handle the traffic?