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Thread: Help! I'm not able to connect to the router!

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    Help! I'm not able to connect to the router!

    Hello! I have a problem...

    I bought a used wl-500gp v1 but I'm not able to connet with it by my web browser (digiting

    I connet the Pc and the router via Lan and I set a static IP ( for the pc, for subnet mask and for the gatway) and I have disabled all the other network connection...

    So I tried to reset the router with the button reset, but nothing...

    So I tried the firmware restoration with the Asus tool, but the router goes in recovery mode but the tool is not able to find the router!

    So i tried a upload the clear-nvram from the tftp with the command: tftp -i put wl500g-clear-nvram.trx but after about 20seconds I have timeout!

    I'm being crazy!

    Anybody can help me please?


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    Sorry... I'm a stupid!

    I connect the Lan cable to WAN port and not to Lan port!


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