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Thread: WL-HDD Hostname

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    WL-HDD Hostname



    There is a piccy showing the ability to change the WL-HDD's hostname. I can't get that on my one, I have tried firmware V1.1.2.6 through to V1.2.3.9 and none of them have that option. Is there some other way to change the hostname, I'd really rather not have to edit all my DNS records to achieve this. (I need the WL-HDD to respond to an already assigned hostname)

    Any help would be great


    Edit: I'd really rather not go through the Oleg firmware route, not that there is anything wrong with it mind you. Just for now would prefer to get it working as a simple NAS.

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    I have answered my own question. The hostname of the WL-HDD is the same as the SSID, to cha.nge the hostname you just need to change the SSID

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