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Thread: Bandwidth Management, static leases not working

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    Bandwidth Management, static leases not working

    Hello everybody.
    I searched the forum and googled quite a bit, but could not find the answer to my problem. So as a last resort, I decided to start this thread. (I have no programming experience).
    I wanted to use the bandwidth management function, so I installed Oleg firmware. Because i wished to limit the bandwidth of certain computers connected to the wirelles router, i tested the function with my rig. I entered the ip address of my computer, which was set to and let the field for ports blank. This actually worked and i had a maximum of 6-7kb/sec download.

    Knowing this, i tried another thing, and I changed my ip address in windows to Actually i changed the ip to various numbers, and ofcourse router stopped to limit my download because the bandwidth management is limited to certain ip, in my case
    Ok then. So i tried to manually assign the ip of my computer to it's MAC address, which I thought will force it to use only the ip which it was assigned to his MAC address. Here it gets strange. In windows, i can type in any ip, and my connection is not limited. On te contrary! Internet works like a charm. WTF ??? I thought that assigning the IP to MAC address means this computer can only use assigned ip, not just any ip, it types in windows network settings.

    Maybe the Manually assigned ip MAC list function is not working with my router?

    To sum up: I am using WPA encryption and MAC address filtering. I want the computers to be able to use the internet, and would only like to limit some bandwidth. I know I can reject the computer from using the wirelles router with MAC filter or changing the encryption key, but I would just like to limit the bandwidth, not the access. And i don't know how to do this if i can't assign certain ip to MAC.

    I searched this forum and the internet and found a few themes regarding this problem but with no solution. I also tried disabling special features (NAT setting, Starcraft(Battle.Net) ), which was mentioned in one thread, but with no success.
    I hope someone has solved this problem Please help me.

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    Too bad you didn't get any reply, I'm having the exact same issue, trying to limit bandwith on a given IP. I've been messing with traffic shapping aswell, meaning it would block say p2p on all connected computers, but even that has failed me, or I've failed to get it to work properly. Indeed bandwith limiting on a specific IP would be perfect, have you made it work? Cheers

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