I have planed to install at my Asus WL-500g deluxe router the firmware from Oleg ( to record ts-streams at an USB hard disk. Before I will do this I have some questions:

1. Install the Oleg-Firmware
a) Is there a possibility to save the current settings and restore them after installing the Oleg firmware?

b) Is it possible to make a backup from my current operating system (for the case the installation fails)?

c) If something should be fails at the installation where can I get the original operation system to install it with the rescue tool? I found the file ‘GPL_1.8.1.9.tar.gz’ at the asus cd. Can I use this (perhaps I have to change the filename)?

2. Create a partition on the USB hard disk
a) Can I do this step also with a program and not at the command line interface (XP partition and linux partition)? If it shout be possible with which program I can do it?

b) Which directories and files do I have to create additional (in relation to a))?

c) Do I need generally 2 partitions or is it not enough to have one linux partition for streaming?

d) How can I access from XP to the linux partition to copy a ts-stream to XP?

3. Which USB hard disk is he right one?
Are there some things I have to look to / be careful with when I buy an USB 2.0 hard disk or is it equal which one I buy?

Thanks for you help in advanced.