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Thread: Or router or Phone...

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    Or router or Phone...

    Hi! I have bought a Wl-500W this week and the impression is good, even more because i ahve gone from an SMC WBR14S-N2 to this one.

    I just have 1 big problem.

    I have a 10Mb Cable connection. I have the Cable modem Thomson THG540. I also have telephone via cable, which is connecter to the port Tel1 from the modem.

    The problem is:

    - when i connect the modem directly to the PC, WITH NO ROUTER, i have the phone signal and i am able to make phone calls

    - when i connect the router to the modem and pc sometime i loose the telephone signal but always unable to perform phone calls.

    Just to know that with the SMC WBR14S-N2 i dont have this problem and i have the last firmware update.

    Does someone can help me?


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    so... you have a wireless phone? like a DECT phone or something

    maybe try to switch to 40MHz bandwith in the wireless settings, the router might be interfering with the phone, 40MHz usually fixes those problems

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