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Thread: WL-HDD as client hangs when router reboots

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    WL-HDD as client hangs when router reboots


    My WL-HDD running Oleg v1.9.2.7-9 runs fine as a client wirelessly connected to my SpeedTouch wireless ADSL router/modem access point.

    Sometimes the SpeedTouch reboots (never found out why) and then the connection to the WL-HDD does not restore itself.

    My Linksys printer server which also acts as a wireless client to the AP does continue to function after an AP reset... so I reckon the WL-HDD should also be able to do this...

    Since, when this happens, also holding the reset button for 5 seconds does not work (it does work normally), I believe not only the WL-HDD is not able to restore the connection but that it simply hangs somewhere.

    I am trying to get a USB/Serial port running on the WL-HDD to have some sort of debugging tool functional when this all happens but I haven't figured out yet how to run a terminal session in the background (there is no /etc/inittab to spawn getty and dtach only worked once for some reason...).

    Anyone any clues as to why the WL-HDD hangs itself when the wireless client connection to the AP temporarily breaks?

    And how to spawn a getty for a serial terminal on the WL-HDD? Perhaps from postboot or postmount, such as 'getty -Lz 9600 /dev/usb/tts/o'?


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    i can not help with the wlan issue (if it is one), but you should be able to connect via th LAN Port.
    If it is a WLAN issue and th WL-HDD is still running you should be able to access it over telnet or ssh connecting with a cable.

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