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Thread: different ip in different screen

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    Multi PPPoE ?

    Deal all

    Is it possible to have different PPPoE in different screen?

    (different ip in different screen)

    My ISP support multiple PPPoE login

    there is one way to have different ip

    I use pppoe-relay -C br0 -S eth1 -F

    but it need to dial another pppoe by desktop pc not a "screen"

    then I get different ip (router's and pc's)

    Is there any suggestion ? Thank you for reply
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    Multi PPPoE ?

    I google with "pppd options.wan1" as keywords

    found something interesting

    the topic is that "The second PPPoE connection to the ASUS WL-500gP"

    I Follow the Tutorials ,but It not work

    Can someone help me?

    here is My "/tmp/ppp/options.wan1"
    noauth refuse-eap
    user 'myaccunt'
    password 'mypassword'
    nomppe nomppc
    plugin nic-eth1
    mru 1492 mtu 1492
    maxfail 0
    ipcp-accept-remote ipcp-accept-local noipdefault
    default-asyncmap nopcomp noaccomp
    novj nobsdcomp nodeflate
    lcp-echo-interval 10
    lcp-echo-failure 6
    unit 1 #my original setting is 0
    I try this two different setting,not work
    plugin rp_pppoe_service 'local' nic-vlan1 #the original setting from that blog
    plugin nic-eth1 #My original setting (from options.wan0)

    I try it on the wl-500w,is that the reason?
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