Hi there,

I need liitle help or advice:

I replugged my WL700gE after 4 Months again to the power and recognised that my users in "Share Management/User Management" messed up.
Instead you see this: "Users: syntax-ns#' xmlns"

So my question is:
It doesn´t matter, that users a are gone! The only thing which worries to me very much is, that I dont know, if some data from the Shares of my internal HDD is gone, because the messed up users might be an evidence for lost data?

Even "Share Management/Basic Config" shows some share-Folders, which are still accessable via SMB/FTP, I am unsure, if some data is lost (I dont remember each of the thousands files).

I would be glad for any help!
Thank you!

- Firmware (kfurge)
- 300 GB Maxtor DM 10 internal HDD