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Thread: Download speed drops few seconds after router restart

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    Download speed drops few seconds after router restart

    I have 10Mb/s Internet but my download speed from FTP addresses, torrent client, and in direct connections using SCP are below 1Mbs.

    Download speeds from http addresses are ok (rarely below 8Mbs) and according to internet speed tests I do have about 8-9Mbs.

    What's funny: if I restart the router, download speed from FTP using wget is almost 10Mbs, and then after few seconds it drops to below 1Mbs.

    I use WL500GP of course, firmware version is, all settings are set to default factory state.

    If I am connected directly to the modem, everything is OK.

    So what's wrong with the router?

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    I flashed the router using:
    and now everything is OK - my downloads are lightning fast!

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