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Thread: cannot partition dane-elec usb stick

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    cannot partition dane-elec usb stick

    Hi all,

    somehow I cannot partition my dane-elec 8GB usb stick.
    One time, the usb stick is recognized and readable (empty=correct), but I cannot create a new partition on it using fdisk (done from router itself).
    When I unplug the stick , then "sometimes" it readable, but most of the time i get response like "unable to read /dev/discs/disc0/disc"

    The usb stick "can" be fully working on windows, with a successful "full format" in fat32 or ntfs with no issues at all.

    Are there known compatibility issues with wl500g and some new usb sticks , like this one?

    btw. i've used a kingston usb stick 8gb some time ago with success.



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    What firmware are you running? oleg's? (which I presume because you're trying to create partitions on the router)

    you sure that it is disc0?
    unplug the router from the mains.
    plug in the usb-flash-key.
    plug in the power adapter and let the router boot.
    log in with putty and run 'df' command.
    What does it output?

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