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Thread: Wish List

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    Time of Day to Enable Radio:

    Hi Oleg,

    The built-in schedule on/off Radio feature is very useful to me. I normally use wireless only after office hour (Mon to Fri) so I Enable Radio only from 7pm to 2am daily just to avoid wasting power and reduce unnecessary RF radiation to my childen when it is not used. However, on Sat and Sun, I may use wireless earlier but the "Time of Day" is a global setting (ie. it applies to all days only). I need to enable the Radio by using wire connection before I can use wireless.

    I wish if the configure level of "Time of Day" can be applied to day of a week such that I can have different schedule on/off Radio on week day and week end.

    Best Regards,

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    As addon to the fully configurable MAC adresses (for each IF another), I realy need a fully configurable DHCP server, if thats possable.

    I want to add custom headers and change the DNS server that's released by the DHCP config. I realy don't want to use the router as DNS!

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    Exclamation pwcx module

    I want the old pwcx module from the discontinued Philips webcam drivers project to be replaced by the new module provided by: The module is ~80kbytes long, and allocate ~60kbytes of kernel memory for decompressor.

    And what about a kernel upgrade too!
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    Question Lvm2?

    Would it be possible to use LVM2 on the WL500:s?
    -If so, please put it in the todo-list!

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    My whishlist


    I've got 2 wishes:

    • L7 filters. OpenWRT has a working solution, I need to apply some kernel pathes to use them. But I would prefer Oleg's FW, and I did not found something for them.
    • Java. Overkill for a wl500g, I know Of course, no AWT/swing and such needed, but it would be nice if I could run console java programs.

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    Hi all,

    My wish: That ipp2p was precompiled in the software on the router, or somebody would help me actually compiling it - I don't have linux on my machine.


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    how about lftp and maildrop
    lftp is a swiss knife for ftp it knows sftp ftp/tls ftp/ssl http it`s like curl but with shell like interface
    maildrop more tolerant for maildir/mbox than procmail

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    cpia driver - webcams
    I wish to compile cpia.o module for these webcams:

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    2 Whishes: Better QoS and layer7

  10. UVC driver is really required. Presented ov51x and pwc Cams are not on the market. Looks like UVC driver just one kernel module. Please build it with next release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rej View Post
    Hi all,
    My wish: That ipp2p was precompiled in the software on the router, or somebody would help me actually compiling it - I don't have linux on my machine.
    As you wish

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    lftp is an excellent idea, it can be used as an fxp client to mirror one ftp server to another. I've tried to install it from nslu2's optware but no success.

    I would really appreciate some help on it


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