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Thread: WL-300g Strange Wlan problem

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    WL-300g Strange Wlan problem

    Hi all i use 2 wl-300g ap to build p2p link - my setup:

    *.*.184.1 gw of network
    *.*.184.157 ip of first ap wl-300g in ap mode (ap1)
    *.*.184.158 ip of other ap wl-300g in client mode (ap2)
    *.*.184.160 ip of client connected to ap (pc1)


    from pc 1 i can ping only ap2
    from ap2 i can all word(internet) and pc1
    from all world i can ping ap1,ap2,but no pc1

    whats is wrong?

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    I think that you need to set ap2 to bridge mode insted of client mode.
    My ASUS setup
    [xbox] <-crossovercabel-> <[ASUSWL300G]> ((((wifi)))) <[BelkinPRE-N]> <-networkcabel-> {internet ADSL2+}

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