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Thread: nas dies without radius server/How do you invoke nas?

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    One more thought. Do you've openssl installed? if so, then this could the reason for crash: nas uses library called, which is not the same as openssl has. Could you please try unmounting /opt and try running nas again?
    As for - this is nearly impossible.

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    Ah... I haven't tried it yet, but I'm about certain you're correct. Thanks, Oleg! I'll keep you posted anyway...

    UPDATE: OK.. I think I was wrong if I said WPA-PSK was related to nas. I mean, it seems it is but I killed it wirelessly and.. I'm still here... Oh, wait. Hmm. Odd. It connects and authenticates but no communication. Guess I was wrong about that. Anyway, I was able to get it started again with WPA-PSK without /opt mounted.

    And here's the results everyone's been waiting for...
    It works. Excellent. Finally my mind can rest in peace knowing everything is set up and working how I've wanted it to work from day 1... and with a built-in RADIUS server, too! Well, not built-in.. but on the router. Client certificates work, I have a client that actually reconnects should it ever become disconnected... Great.

    Thanks again, Oleg.

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib
    umount /usr/sbin/nas
    usleep 10000
    nas /tmp/nas.lan.conf /tmp/ lan &
    The usleep probably isn't necessary but I put it in in the process of troubleshooting and there's no need to take it out and fix what isn't broken.

    Eventually... I may write a guide for setting up freeradius. A complete one. Including stuff about getting things to work with Windows XP (SP2). Then again, maybe I won't find the time. It should be done, anyhow. It won't hurt me if anybody else does it.
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    Excellent. Yes, everyone is waiting for wiki now. ;-)
    As for libcrypto - in the next custom firmware release this should not be a problem, nas will use libkrypto instead.

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    Just a little side-note... I have had absolutely no connection drops (that's not to say no packet loss as it's a minor part of every wireless connection) in over 30 hours (yay). This doesn't have as much to do with freeradius, I suspect, as it does with NOT using the Wireless Zero configuration built-in to Windows XP SP2. I think somewhere, if it is not already done, this potential disconnection flaw (and in such an event the lack of an automatic reconnection) of the operating system's built-in service should at least be pointed out to save the trouble for other users (though I may be the only person to have experienced it, though not as much at all with the MN-710 gone)--not to mention once more that Windows XP SP2, for me, had trouble recognizing, or at least using, the TLS certificates I installed. ... More on all of this shall come in a guide someday (really), as in in the next few weeks. Everybody should document his/her information in regard to this router in order to make it the best it can be and make it go beyond its advertised functionality while still maintaining a high degree of stability (something yet to be fully understood, as far as I know, with this router).

    Again, this post is mostly unrelated to the topic. Shoot me if you want.

    Oh, I feel the need to once more express my gratitude to the helpful members of this forum--especially (and, in this and many other threads, only) Oleg--for their time reviewing this information. It really has eased my mind, personally, knowing there's no more that I feel needs to be done for security or stability in my case involving this router. So thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oleg
    Excellent. Yes, everyone is waiting for wiki now. ;-)
    Hehe.. apparently nobody finds it that important. I haven't written a wiki yet because I've forgotten each step exactly . I'll wait until somebody starts a thread trying to set it up or something. Then I'll try to help them and when they get it working maybe I'll use the thread to write a wiki... or maybe they will

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    Write tutorial about implemet freeradius into WL500 PLS !



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    Smile Please post a guide or howto for freeradius on asus wl500g!!

    Please post a guide or howto for freeradius on asus wl500g!!

    It would make this router som much more cool!
    And besides it is indead needen.

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