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Thread: GCC 3.2.3 problems

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    GCC 3.2.3 problems

    I built a toolchain to cross-compile for Oleg's firmware from Cygwin. I'm having some problems with GCC 3.2.3. Some files cause crashes when -O2 is used. The problem seems to be due to -fschedule-insns2. The same problem affects a native i686-pc-cygwin compiler and the cross compiler. GCC can't even bootstrap itself successfully. The problem seems to exist with GCC 3.0 through 3.2.3, and the same thing happens if GCC 3.2.3 is built with 2.95.3 or 3.4.4.

    I just ran hello world on my router, so I guess GCC isn't totally broken, but I'd like to have a compiler that doesn't crash. Can I use a newer GCC? I used 3.2.3 because the Broadcom patches on Oleg's site are for 3.2.3.

    (Unrelated hints for those building a toolchain in Cygwin: Oleg's patches require patch-2.5.9. Then The GCC and uClibc circular dependency can be resolved by using the make -k switch the first time.)

    Update: Except for those GCC crashes, the toolchain works properly. I've been able to compile my LED sign software without problems. Note that uClibc installs its own gcc wrapper, so it is necessary to use mipsel-uclibc-gcc, not mipsel-linux-gcc.
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