After a long time I picked up the wl-hdd which was lying in the attic unattended.. After a couple of weekends of work, have it working as an internet radio streamer going through the following threads:

- > [How To] Install and Configure Olegs firmware
- > HowTo WL-HDD + USB-Sound-Hub als MP3-Player mit PDA-Fernbedinung

(Excellent tutorial on Oleg howto Wengi!! Thanks a ton)

With this working now, I wanted to have Peercast also working on the Wl-hdd.

Peercast on OpenWRT as an IPKG - Unfortunately the package is not available any more

I am not that good at linux and any help to get peercast streaming out of wlhdd will be very much appreciated.

many thanks..

Not so good at linux and I am looking for some help here..