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Thread: Howto add serial port to WL-500gx/gp

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    So, finally, is it possible to use both serials simultaneously or not?

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    Re: both ports

    Quote Originally Posted by Duke
    So, finally, is it possible to use both serials simultaneously or not?
    Yes, of course. Have you experienced any problems?

    --- jp

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    I have tried only with default Oleg's firmware, and there was an IRQ sharing problem, as you know. The latter posts shows that it is possible to enable IRQ sharing to use both ports, but i'm not sure how both port may work simultaneously for receiving if there is only one physical IRQ line and no flow controll at all. So is it enough to recompile kernel with IRQ sharing enabled to simultaneously use both serials for transmitting and receiving at the same time (not just only for transmitting by both, and receiving only by one port)

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    When using the setserial command as suggested earlier in this thread (patrik) you can use both ports simultaneously without a problem. Only with default compile options, the port 0 is used as a terminal @ 115200. I once recompiled the firmware where I disabled this function in the kernel config and could used both ports for my own purposes.

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    So switching IRQ via setserial and configuring busybox with stty switched on will be enough? Now it's clear, i'll try.

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    Just checked -7b firmware - there is no need for setserial for now, and stty is enabled by default. I conneted both ports to each other and tried minicom @ /dev/tts/1, so there was a router console passed thru two ports and it works fine.

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    Asus WL-500W Serial Port in pictures and video

    Small tutorial on how to connect to serial interface of Asus WL-500W.

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    Second serial port on WL500GPV2

    Does anybody know how to connect the second serial port on the WL500GP V2?
    I would like to connect a Sparkfun SERLCD to the router but when it is connected to the first serial port the high speed message cause it to go mad. Therefor I would like to connect it to the second serial port.

    Any tips?

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    Accessing through serial port


    I have Asus WL-500G Premium V1, which is bricked.

    I have read that it's possible to access it through a serial connection.

    What are the software requirements for the serial connection on the Asus side? Obviously I cannot install anything to the Asus because it's bricked. So I would like to know if the original Asus firmware has the appropriate serial software listening by default? How about Oleg's firmware?

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    yes, broadcom's bootloader (if it is still alive) has everything needed to connect over system console and restore firmware. You just need to make RS232 level converter. See, e.g.:

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    Thanks, I will solder the converter today.

    Is it possible to use screen to connect through the serial cable?
    screen 115200 /dev/ttys0
    Or do I need some other program. In the thread you linked you have posted the right settings for the serial connection: 115200, 8N1, flow control: none

    How to enable 8-n-1 with screen? How about flow control?

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    I got the serial connection working through screen.

    screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200,cs8,-ixon,-ixon,istrip

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    Using WL-500gP V2 internal serial port for Arduino?


    I would like to know if the Asus WL-500gP V2's serial port is locked (for the bootloader/kernel), or if it can be used like a normal ttl serial port? I think the serial port can be used like a terminal if telnet/ssh doesn't work, but can it also be used for example to connect a microcontroller to it?
    Or would I have to switch off the terminal output? I think I wouldn't like to do that if something sometimes fails and I need to get in by serial. I don't mind if the serial port outputs any text at boot, I would just like to read temperature data through it.
    I also probably need a level shifter if I want to connect a 5 volt microcontroller as I think the WL500gPV2 serial port is 3.3v TTL.

    And no, I can't really use a usb->rs232 converter, I use a 3G dongle as my WAN connection and it connects as a ttyUSB0-2 device and if I have the serial converter attached it will disturb the 3G modem and it won't connect until I remove the usb-serial converter.

    So my question is, is the serial port (the pins on the circuit board) locked, or can they be used to read output from another device? I'm actually using openwrt at the moment, but they should handle the serial port in the same way...

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    Hey thanks, that information will definitely help me.

    Still one question, is it so that the serial port cannot be used if terminal output is on (left as "console=ttyS0,115200")? And if I set it to console=null, would that make it impossible to flash the Asus from serial? Or does it only switch off terminal output after the bootloader, or what?

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