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Thread: About to buy a WL-500W

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    About to buy a WL-500W

    I'm thinking about to change my apple time capsule, for a WL-500W and a 1TB external harddrive for some reasons..

    Apple's integrated printserver does not work very well.. Sometimes i can print, but not allways, and it's mostly slow and strange colors... I also can't see ink-levels. everything works great when i connect it by cable to my macbook..

    Another bad thing is that the time capsule doesn't support DLNA, so i can't use it for my 360/PS3... The last thing is that i can't see other computers in my neighborhood from OSX, this is possible with other routers i've tested... strange...

    however, will the WL-500W be able to replace the time capsule and fix this issues? How's the USB-ports performance? I'm backing up my laptop with apples "time machine" for now, and hope to be able to do this with the external harddrive and the ASUS... Has anyone benchmarked the USB throughput?

    Is there anything bad about this router? Does it get slow if i run like mediaserver, fileserver, printserver, wlan and dhcp simulantiosly?

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    I never had a time capsule, but my short experience with two WL-500W for tests with as a wireless bridge are not that pleasant.
    The encrypted wireless throughput was about 40MBit/sec only, slightly above a regular 108MBit Super-G wireless MiniPCI.
    A printer connected via a USB to network print server will probably never show its ink levels. You should get a printer with an integrated network interface.
    I doubt that the WL-500W will be able to provide a time capsule server.
    Additionally, it does provide a 100MBit switch only, but I think, it even will not be able to have enough troughput for that.

    If you want to have a small, fast server, you should look for a small device with an Intel Atom processor, an SATA Interface and GBit LAN, running a regular linux distro.

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