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Thread: Teamspeak or ventrilo on WL-700ge

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    Thumbs up Teamspeak or ventrilo on WL-700ge

    Hi m8´s
    I just wanna ask if it is possible to install Teamspeak or Ventrilo to my wl-700ge
    Is there anyone out there that as done the same????
    I play World of Warcraft and a voice server would be great for my guild m8´s
    but im not present all the time so.... i was thinking how to do that ?
    Can anyone guide me trought the process and/or get me a firmware allready done?
    Thx in advance:

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    I think, Teamspeak is distributed as binary packages for the x86 platform only, so it will not run on any other cpu type.

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    ok then ventrilo????

    is it possible? i think so ..... or .....anything else
    please aid me

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