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Thread: [HowTo] Getting started (Firmware upgr, Storage, Samba, SSH)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ookmich View Post
    Just a tip for people who have problems getting things working:

    I my situation, I couldn't get SSH working, because the port 22 wasn't visible on the outside.

    It appeared to be the following problem: My post-firewall script wasn't executable. After I made it executable, everything works fine!

    Making a script executable:
    type 'chmod +x /usr/local/sbin/post-firewall'

    that's not the case here ... both post-boot as post-firewall were made executable.

    An other thing I've just noticed is that after a while (as in: after an hour or so) the thttpd shuts down Anyone had this problem aswell ?

    Ow, and I disconnected the webcam as it utilized the cpu quite heavily (50% to 96% at peaks).
    My current collection:

    WL-500gX (original firmware), WL-500gX (Oleg, WL-500gX (Oleg, WL-700gE (Asus

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    thats my smb.conf

    workgroup = WORKGROUP
    guest account = nobody
    security = share
    writeable = yes

    browseable = yes
    guest ok = yes
    guest only = no
    log level = 1
    max log size = 100
    encrypt passwords = yes

    dns proxy = no

    What should i do, to mount my USB Stick. Its formatted with Fat32. Sry but dont have much knowledge in Linux.
    Second question: How can i start the nmbd and smbd at the Routerstart?
    I did it like here, but it doesnt work. Thx 4 help. Sry 4 my bad english

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    I always used Samba file sharing on my WL-500gx box to use offline files. This works fine, but in Windows Vista the synchronization fails. I don't exactly know what is happening, but I get the following errors in the SMBD.log file:

    smbd/nttrans.c:map_share_mode(443) map_share_mode: Incorrect value 100000 for desired_access to file

    I heard that older Samba versions are not compatible with Vista. Has anyone a compile up-to-date Samba binary for the WL-500gx? I am curious why a very old Samba version is used. Is it true that the WL-500gx is not capable to use Samba 3?

    [UPDATE] I just read on The Filing Cabinet that you need at least Samba v3.0.22 to be able to use Offline files with Windows Vista. I guess using Offline files won't be possible in the near future.
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    I have problem with connect HDD to my WL500gP ,samba is running ok I have a laptop with winxp home edition .With ftp is HDD working ok.(ping to router is ok too).
    Another laptop is with win xp profesional HDD working very good as ftp and as network HDD.
    Here are attached configurations my samba and error window.
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Anyway to let NTFS works in 500gp

    Hi all, does anyone can help to allow NTFS write permission with 500gP ? As i lost everything and not able to recover when using ext2. : (

    thanks a lot

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    I have a very simple question. Is wireless client working properly on the latest fw??

    I tried a lot of configs and I didn't manage to get it working.

    access point mode.
    same ssid and same encryption (wpa2 +aes)
    extended mode (ethernet bridge and station)

    Does anyone have the correct configuration for this to work?

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