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Thread: the best version of dd-wrt for wl-500gpv1

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    the best version of dd-wrt for wl-500gpv1

    I have bought asus wl-500gp v1 and i want to get a firmware other then original asus.

    What I want?
    1) I want to use USB, but if it can i dont want to install system on usb. Can I install dd-wrt mega witout USB drive?
    2) I want to have iptables
    3) I want to share printer connected to the router ( i think CUPS)
    4) I want an USB connected to share files (i think SAMBA)
    5) I want an web interface for statics.

    I don't have any knowlage about loading a firmware, but howto's and other FAQ'a can read and do what i have to do.
    Help me to choose the best version of firmware (dd-wrt VXX or others).
    Thank you for advices.

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    At first dd-wrt.v24_std_generic.bin



  3. The best firmware is Openwrt in this momment Kamikaze.

    All firmwares based in this firm
    Please visit my village Vinyols i els Arcs Thanks

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