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Thread: ipkg command not found

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    ipkg command not found

    Hey there,

    after almost 2 years i decided to put the kfurge firmware back on my wl 700ge.

    I found pretty nice howto in the forum somewhere and startet to flash the newest kfurge firmware on my router. (uploaded the PDF Howto onto my forumpost) It all worked fine. Than i connected to the router via telnet.
    After that i moved the rc.local to /shares/MYVOLUME1 and set filepermissions to 755

    on step three, at installing ipkg, busybox, wget adn uClib i got stuck.

    The packagenames change since the Howto was written and i think i took the wrong ipkg package.
    Well, since did Step 3 on the howto pdf. ipkg is not working anymore. it tells me, the command was not found.

    Is there anywhere a uptodate Howto?
    What packages do i need to get?
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    Same problem

    Hello, i did the same thing and i have the same problem...

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    Just point your browser to and you will see that there are new versions.


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