I have one suggestion. Asus WL500g /GP/W is great router with Oleg firmware, but there are original web sites with only usual settings and all other we must do over Putty. You can set all, but why doing regular actions over Putty, when it can be easier. I mean to create an application that would include the most frequently used commands to control. For example installing ipkg packes from list or schedule cron with easy form.

There is an example of application.

Where comes my idea from ?
My idea is from RouterOS and application Winbox. Winbox is a remote app for setup RouterOS.

You can try here for get what i mean.
Connect to the router:
http://demo.mt.lv or http://demo2.mt.lv
and user name is:
Some pictures of Winbox

So, is there anybody, who is interested to participate in this project, and also controls the C, C++ or C# ?

Thanks all, who have an interest in this project !

PS: I dont know C++ or C# ...