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Thread: Hardware Bug Antenna?

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    Hardware Bug Antenna?

    I bought a new WL500g a weeks ago. After some working hours the antenna signal was reduced to a very low level (20%, even if the client is 10cm from Accesspoint away) . I thought the antenna was broken and replaced it with a new one. That didn't helped. I also tried nearly all available firmwares which didn't help either. The low signal is evident on different clients (Centrino, WL-167g).

    Is there a new revision from WL500g on the european market? BTW: How can I find out which revision it is?

    I also bought a WRT54g, which has a hardwarebug (Reset, when transfering big files). I begin to see a hardware bug with the WL500g too.
    I already invested 30hours into investigation and I would be happy if I get a confirmation for the problem or a hint to solve the problem via firmware/settings. I couldn't find anything on the web. Please prove I am the bug ;-)

    Thanks for reading.

    >wl revinfo

    vendorid: 0x14e4
    deviceid: 0x4320
    radiorev: 0x22050000
    chipnum: 0x4306
    chiprev: 0x3
    corerev: 0x5
    boardid: 0x120f
    boardvendor: 0x1043
    boardrev: 0x47
    driverrev: 0x35a0700
    ucoderev: 0x122000a
    bus: 0x1
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    Is there a new revision from WL500g on the european market? BTW: How can I find out which revision it is?
    Not that i know ... you can open 3 of 4 screws, lift the case a bit and look after the type of the serial expansion header.

    I would simply change the router, maybe the internal card connector is not properly locked. If you open the case completly you can check this, but you have to pull of this one security label over the screw.

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    Thanks for your quick answer.

    Can somebody confirm the issue, that the internal card connector is not properly locked ???

    It is really funny that from three APs i bought, only the old 11MBit Intel from 2002 is working without a glitch. Linksys and Asus both failed to provide an outofthebox working product. If the problems are revision based a replacement via the retailer might not fix that problem.

    Still hoping for a DIY solution.

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