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Thread: USB Host Ability & Linux Distros

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    USB Host Ability & Linux Distros

    Is there documentation somewhere detailing how the USB interface is implemented? Or can someone please explain this.

    I want the USB port to host (interface AND power) a GPS receiver.

    I don't own a WL-HDD yet as I would like to know it's USB hosting capabilities.

    PS - Please noone post with just "The USB is for copying data from a USB key" coz that wouldn't be an answer . Not being rude or anything, just I've read a lot of question been answered like that and it just kinda wastes time.

    Also, has anyone successfully run "traditional" linux distros like gentoo, redhat, etc? Will the system only ever boot from flash or can a configuration allow it to boot from hard disk?

    Thanks heaps
    Great forum btw, lots of good info.

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    well, if you have used the search function, I suggest you to get some traning on it. So now you can search again, read WiKi and Faq, so you will have answers to all your question.
    And yes, wl-hdd can host anything linux can support on USB, and I'm running full debian on it.

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    Thanks for replying Hugo.
    I searched the forum(s) and wiki but couldn't find anything conclusive.
    Mostly on the usb chipset used, available current through usb and booting.
    Thanks though coz you good-as answered my questions.
    At least enough for me to buy one and see how I go, haha.

    For interests sake I'm -hoping to- run the wl-hdd in a motobike polling an ecu and doing gps, just for fun. If that goes well another one will go in a race bike as a data logger.


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    USB port is 1.1 norm, so maximum current is 500 mA

    YOu have to make sure you can build the drivers for your GPS under Linux. You need some knowledge on how to cross-compile a driver, and make sure you can find them for the specific model you plan to buy. If you have no linux knowledge, there is not much change for this setup to work. I don't know any GPS that are just considered as serial interface from the computer point.

    ANyway, wl-hdd is a great device to run a debian distro, but it will only do what a linux computer can do (with USB 1.1).

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