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Thread: PCMCIA card in WL500W

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    PCMCIA card in WL500W

    While upgrading my WL500W to 128MB I noticed that the WL500W has soldering isles and holes in the PCB to connect a PCMCIA connector!

    • Has anyone tried to connect a PCMCIA card to the router? Did it work?
    • If I connected a SATA card and a SATA HDD, would that speedup the transfer rates compared to a USB drive? I have read several times that 2MB/sec is about the max with USB but why is that? Is that a hardware or a driver issue?


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    Very skeptical since the processor works @ 260MHz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamadite View Post
    Very skeptical since the processor works @ 260MHz.
    What is the bottleneck? If both storage and network interfaces use DMA, the CPU shouldn't be the bottleneck.

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