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Thread: Which Firmware has Support for: Print-Server, Web-Server, Wireless, Wired, & Shares?

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    Question Which Firmware has Support for: Print-Server, Web-Server, Wireless, Wired, & Shares?


    I'm trying to figure out which Firmware (eg OpenWRT 8.09 Final) I should use instead of the stock, for my 250GB ASUS WL700gE.

    I need a version compiled for my WL700gE 250GB that will include support for;

    - USB (For print devices)
    - Print Server
    - Data-Server (for storage)
    - Switch (for LAN)
    - Wired
    - Wireless
    - Web-Server
    - Shares (CIFS or SAMBA)

    I would also like, for accessibility reasons, for everything to be automatic. So I turn it on, and I don't need to configure anything, (can configure the 1st time, just after installation of the Firmware, but after that... everything auto-mounted... etc.).

    Please tell me if there is a pre-compiled Binary that will provide me with the above listed features.

    If there isn't a version, please tell me if there is a full-proof method to restore the original ASUS firmware, so I can figure this out for myself.

    Thanks in advance,


    PS: Didn't know which section to write this topic in, so feel free to delete whichever topic is in the wrong section!

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    Try kamikadze

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    Is there a pre-compiled version that I should be trying?

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    I'd use the KFurge v1.0.7.8_02 binary.

    It works really well and has everything you want. Very stable, and extensible.

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