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Thread: Media server for xbox 360?

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    Media server for xbox 360?

    what media server for the wl500w work best with xbox360?
    I use ushare now. But this does not work optimally. The xbox can easily find the server. but the xbox stops playing after about 1 min.

    dos anyone have a proposal to make ushare to play optimally with the xbox360 or is there another media server for the wl500w that works better with xbox 360?
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    well... ushare is not the best thing yes...
    since a few weeks I use twonkey media server

    you need a key for it in the end, but you can do a trial of 30 days to test it.

    the only downside for me is, that it doesnt support subtitles like .srt files

    I downloaded this one:

    you need to have windows to install it, and I think telnet should be activated as well.
    after the installation you can find the software in /opt/twonkyvision
    you need to make a start script manually tho

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