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Thread: Twonkyvision 2.6 WL-HDD/NOXON runs OK but only for a few hours

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    Twonkyvision 2.6 WL-HDD/NOXON runs OK but only for a few hours


    I installed the Twonkyvision Mediaserver 2.6 software on my WL-HDD according the description of "walt" in this forum (great work Walt!).

    I access the server on my Terratec Noxon client. The server is listed on the Noxon and the usual NOXON functions for music selection of MP3's and WMA's works, and are played.

    So far so good!

    I experience the problem that after playing music for "some" hours the connection from the Noxon to the server is disturbed. I have seen no consistency in the numbers of hours it works.

    When I notice that the playing istopped, the Mediaserver is still listed on the Noxon but selecting it does not result in the menu where Albums/Artists can be selected. If I check on my WL-HDD (using the backdoor) the processes with the "ps" command, the mediaserver processes are still listed.

    Restarting the Noxon (by pressing on for >3 seconds for a Newstart, or by unplugging the power cord) does not change the faulty behaviour.

    After unplugging and plugging the WL-HDD every is working fine, again.

    I have checked the forums on Chupa and on (extensive forum on Twonkyvision) for other clues, but found none that did the trick.

    My first impression was that the automatic rescan was spoiling things, but I have have now disbled the rescan using the Twonkyvision configuration web page, but that made no change in the faulty behaviour.

    To have some debug info I tried creating a log file by changing in Walts Startup.scr
    "mediaserver -D"
    "mediaserver -D -v 511 >/tmp/harddisk/part1/System/mediaserver.log"
    but this did not create the logfile as expected. I am not sure why. As I use the firmware I can only use the "backdoor" and have no telnet access to the wl-hdd to run the mediaserver with the extended oprtions via Telnet.

    Suggestions, anyone, please!!

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    Unfortunately no-one responded to my question, so it seems that I am on my own here.

    Based on other forum messages I made some changes to my setup, and now everything seems to be OK, not just for a short while as before.

    The Noxon now keeps playing (as before) and selecting other songs via the (main) Noxon menu stays possible, even 1 day running, and extensive selections of albums and songs:
    - I changed the standard Noxon configuration to use a fixed IP. By default the Noxon is configured for getting an IP via DHCP.
    - I added the Noxon IP in the mediaserver.ini file

    I am not sure if BOTH changes are actually required, I have a feeling that just changing the Noxon configuration might have been enough. In any case ONLY changing the mediaserver.ini was not enough in my case.\

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    iīve the same hardware but i donīt have the mediaserver software.
    I downloaded the trial version but i canīt check and find some issues because the timeout of the trial version is only 10min.
    I would check it but i donīt want to buy extra the software.

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