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Thread: Script preventing hdd spindown

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    Script preventing hdd spindown

    Hi Forum,

    my new external USB HDD (WD myBook Studio II) automatically goes into standby after some time of being idle.
    WD states, that this feature can't be turned off on this device series.
    Unfortunately, this produces some 'ugly' entries in the syslog.log like:

    kernel: Device 08:02 not ready.
    kernel:  I/O error: dev 08:02, sector 57695096
    In this forum, I found different approaches to keep the disc from spinning down (5 min cron on sdparm --command=start [dev]) but that didn't work out on my disc.

    I've found a script @oleg (, which does the spindown ... is there a way to have a which prevents the HDD from going asleep ?

    Thank you


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    You say cron isn't working?

    How about creating a dir for a 1min cron job and schedule it in crontab.
    put in an 'empty' job which doesn't do anything.

    Now, if cron wants to execute the job, it has to access the hd (the location where the script is). Because it will do this every minute, there's no chance the hd will spin down.

    Or am I on the wrong track?

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    Hi raas,

    thank you for your hint!
    I think your advice would work too ... although it isn't really 'elegant'.

    I'd prefer a call via sdparm on the scsi device...

    Thx for more tips


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    The really elegant solution will be to use firmware, based on Oleg's with ability to spin-up sleeping usb drives including

    Quote Originally Posted by Zigster View Post
    I've found a script @oleg (, which does the spindown ... is there a way to have a which prevents the HDD from going asleep ?
    scsi-start and scsi-stop utils are also included.

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    As for this error ...

    How can I create a 15min cron job IF someone is logged on cable or wileless?

    If nobody is logged on cable or wileless the HDD can spin down.

    I do not know what parameter should I test with IF command

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