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Thread: VLAN/robocfg howto WL-500W ? anyone ?

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    VLAN/robocfg howto WL-500W ? anyone ?

    Hello guys,

    I'm sort of a newbie in this.
    I'm ok with Linux and co but having bricked since 2 years Asus routers and recovered them, I'm now trying to avoid getting in the same situation with the newly acquired WL-500W.
    What I would like to do is:
    Have wan port as it is, have wifi port in another vlan/routing interface, have another port as secondary WAN (I'm balancing with iproute2 connections) and the rest of 2 ports = LAN.
    With openwrt this was rather easy because of the scripts that robocfg used upon boot.
    How can this be done with Oleg's firmware without risking a recovery on the router ?
    Is there any scripting/automated way or must I do it with robocfg by hand and consulting the manual.

    P.S. Upon creating those interfaces I guess wifi part + IP addresses on the 2 WANs can no longer be managed with the web interface. (which is quite logical)

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    vlans on wl500w are not so straightforward AFAIK due to the lack of chip's documentation. However, Oleg investigated this question too, and his findings are discussed here:
    I hope you'll find a way to translate it. I don't remember about such publication in the English part of the forum

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    Thanks for the link.
    I was able to understand parts of it thanks to google translate
    But now, before doing anything to the device or modifying it's config, I woke up in the morning to see my Asus bricked.
    I never changed anything on it from the previous day..and no recovery method seems to work.
    I'll have to try the pin9 short stuff, but I really hate the lack of logic of this self-bricking

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