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    IP camera

    Hi, does anyone install 2 or more wireless ip cameras on a wl500gp router. Any suggestions....


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    well... it shouldn't be a problem right?
    they are just wireless devices and do things stand alone

    just make sure you have ipcams that have similair encryption types as the router. some ipcams also support FTP upload, so you can set them to record a movie or a photo, and then send it over to the FTP server of your asus router

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    Edimax Ic1510WG camera workinng fine


    I have installed an Ip wireless camera with koppel firmware and a CDMA modem to watch remotely. I also instaled samba and transmission and I have a fiew questions (problems):
    - The camera is accesible from wan only if DMZ control is enabled for camera local IP. I whant to use port forwarding to use other services from wan (I tried virtual server with ip camera port, add to post firewall config file the camera, ftp, transmision and a fiew ports and still not working);
    - In transmission I get the following error message " /opt/bin/gnuplot: can't load library '' "
    - The camera has a web server and can be wached live from lan and wan an the function to send ftp images at minimum interval - 1s. I whant to record the whole capture to router storage. It is possible to install another software for Ip cameras in router?

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