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Thread: SlimServer or daapd on wl500g?

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    SlimServer or daapd on wl500g?

    I've seen a few passing references to this combination, but cannot find a successful implementation of a music server on the wl500g itself, streaming audio off a connected USB disk. This would be perfect if possible...

    Does anyone have a ported slimserver or daapd (Apple iTunes server) that I could load onto my router? I would need it precompiled as I don't have access to a linux box, besides the busybox itself

    Thanks all,

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    The search button is a powerful tool:
    True, and as I said I did a search for both slimserver and daapd, but as your two links show, no-one has publically been successful yet. I was both laying down a challenge, and asking if there was any beta firmware or compiled server tools out there that I could play with

    Thanks for your help so far,

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    Phil, did you have any succes yet? I'm looking for slimserver on my WL-500g Premium to serve my Squeezebox.

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