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Thread: Fuppes Issues

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    Question Fuppes Issues

    Hi All,

    I have on order a Popcorn Hour A110 (Linux based Media Client) I'm trying to get Fuppes working so that it can server my media via upnp however I'm not sure that fuppes is actually working. So what media players work best with Fuppes (linux software only please) so that I can test the setup before my device arrives. Also any clues on how I know the media server is working without resorting to trying to connect to it. ....


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    I solved this it appears the firewall on my client was blocking the two way comms Will keep all informed with regards to the media player I have on order.

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    The media Tank is an amazing device Fuppes was OK but I decided to go with Twonky as it seems a better device. I need to do some work to get the media streaming quite how I want (I have an external HD hooked up to the Asus that acts as the media store) and I think the USB bandwidth is not quite what I need. I have also got myself a PS3 which also works well with the ASUS so it now looks like I have a very very useful media streaming device

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