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Thread: As I dont see a "General", nor "English" section, Ill post here.

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    As I dont see a "General", nor "English" section, Ill post here.

    Also; As here has 100 people viewing, Its common sense for me to post here.
    Heres my question:

    I just found some old ASUS WL-330 I had, And I decided to see if there was any firmware for it, apparently the last official firmware was from 2005. So I started looking for some custom firmware on google, which brought me to a site; linking here. The site said the firmware on here supports WL-330, But now that im here, I cant find anything about WL-330's, only WL-330g.

    So, Is the firmware here compatible with the WL-330?

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    AFAIK, WL-330 is build on a Marvell Libertas 88W8500, so I don't think you're lucky
    The discussed here firmwares are for Broadcomm-based devices.

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    Yeah, Its just the site that I was on linked here saying mine was compatible. I didnt know any other specifics of my 330, so yeah. Thought I may aswell ask.

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