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Thread: c compiler question olegs firmware

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    c compiler question olegs firmware


    sorry for asking this implicitness but i want to know if there is a possibility to compile a c sourcefile like with gcc -o ... on olegs fimware.

    I've checked ipkg list and installed for a kind of gcc pkg but i'am not sure enough with this stuff...

    thanks in advance and kind regards,


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    for the on-router compilation install optware-devel package. It's a meta-package which includes the most of needed things.

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    I've installed the optware but i didn't find the correct compiler. Could you specify me the correct compiler pls ?

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    I don't think I understand your question. To compile typical program you have to execute:
    PHP Code:
    make install 
    More details usually can be found in the documentation to the sources. All the stuff needed to perform this is installed by the optware-devel package. It is better if you clarify what do you mean under "correct compiler".

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    sorry, thats my mistake.

    i want to compile the following like that:

    ----- newfile.c-----
    #include <stdio.h>

    void main()

    printf("hello world!\n");

    i want to get an executable file. I've done it with gcc on our SUN machines, but i haven't found something adequate on the wlhdd with olegs firmware.
    I've looked at make but i think this wouldn't be ok for this.

    But i believe there has to be something for this...

    best regards
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    PHP Code:
    root@wl500g,~> gcc 1.c
    In function ‘main’:
    1.c:5warning: return type of ‘main’ is not ‘int’
    @wl500g,~> ./a.out
    hello world
    so, you see --- it is possible

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    did you have oleg or open/dd-wrt installed on your wl500 ?

    when I do gcc --help i got ambigious command as a reply. So for my understanding my wl-hdd didn't know gcc ?!

    I think that I dont't have to reboot after installing the dev-package...

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    I have wl500gp with oleg's fw. wl-hdd shouldn't make any difference. Check if you have buildroot package installed. It should have been installed as a part of optware-devel.

    Reboot shouldn't be needed. Check with:
    PHP Code:
    type gcc 
    that gcc is installed and is available through PATH variable.

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    thats it. buildroot pkg was missing. I've installed it and now gcc is known in the system path as well.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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