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Thread: 2 laptops on the same network..?

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    2 laptops on the same network..?


    I simply cannot get this working..

    I am trying to connect 2 laptops to my wlan but I cannot...

    I setup the wlan on the router with shared/WEP generated 4 keys.

    I setup 1 laptop as shared/WEP then entered a key..

    it's online...

    I then proceeded to setup the 2nd laptop exactly the same... but I only connected with limited etc..

    I then fiddled about for a while and suddenly got the 2nd laptop online.. then rebooted both, the 2nd went online... but now the 1st is limited connectivity..

    I realise it might not the the router.. probably it's me ..but I cannot figure out where I'm going wrong...

    can you?

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    try without encryption first. (for testing)

    btw, WPA is more secure and you only need to fill in one password.

    -set wireless channel fixed e.g. 7 or 8 (a channel that is not
    in use by your neighbours)
    -disable any firewalls on the laptop
    -put the asus in 'access point' mode if possible.

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    like averberk says, try without encryption first to determine where the problem is.

    Can't be the asus as I use wpa2 and have ps3 / cellphone and a couple of laptops connected without any problem.



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