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Thread: New Firmware

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    2 issues:
    - Virtual server settings are not shown in status & log portforward screen?
    - Problem with wireless channel dropping to channel 4 after client disconnect, and making the radio unavailable and a manual disable/enable is needed. Even setting fixed channel (ie 8).
    Factory reset, reconfiguration does not resolve. Am puzzled. Going back...

    Also my wireless/wired speeds are not satisfactionary. Wifi link 5100 connected (N/135Mbps) tops at 2,4-2,7MB/s and wired I get around 5MB/s. Though I believe this is caused by Vista OS overhead, but also due to the cryptic QOS of the wl500w.

    Anyone suggestions to speed things up a little in the right direction to the theoratically 12,5MB/s?

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    Exclamation wifi manual channel bug

    Quote Originally Posted by siliconmanc View Post
    Also, the wifi channel selection works properly now.
    Try selecting 40 or 20MHz
    Then manully select channel 6, apply and restart

    Check: status - wireless and you will see channel 8 (it adds +2 to the number you select on the channel)

    So still a bug

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