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Thread: Connecting 2 extra USB ports (Asus 500gx)

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    right PIN for GND ?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to connect an extra usb-port but I'm wondering why you all use the pin called "GPI01" on the lower left for GND (not the shielding one) and not the pin above it called "GND"... i thought you need 5V+ for the usb-port and i just measured it: + from capacitor against GPI01 and it's only ~1.7V... (ok, against GND-capacitor it's +5V and against GND-pin it's also +5V... but you use GPI01 ;-) )
    Anyone who can help me? just want to be sure that i use the right pins and soldering points and want my router to stay alive...

    So long,

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    Unfortunately many of the photos in this post are no longer available online.
    Any chance of hosting them elsewhere?

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