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Thread: How do I install Twonky ? ( newbie)

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    Question How do I install Twonky ? ( newbie)

    I recently found this post on how to install Twonky on wl500w using factory FW:

    Ok As I have found a solution. I will post here for other.

    In fact it was quite easy. WL-ASUS 500W needs a different build. You should take MIPS little endian glibc 2.2.3. Extract it to you your attached drive. Correct all paths in the ini files. Then make a startup script, for example, which contains

    route add -net netmask dev br0

    cd /tmp/harddisk/part0/twonkyvision
    /tmp/harddisk/part0/twonkyvision/twonkymedia &

    This part I can't figure out
    and then put this in the USB Section /Initial script. Reboot and that should work fine.

    Disable the built-in Media server before. tested with firmware and twonky 4.4.2.

    Unfortunatelly I'm having hard time to do so since I'm not Linux GURU like most of you here. Can you guys give me some advice ?
    I tried to contact the original poster but I doubt that I'll get any response


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    Where did you found Twonky for Asus ?
    It seems they removed from server, leaving only binary for Win, Linux and Mac.



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    I downloaded this file :

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    Thanks for the link.
    Now I have to understand how they can sell a license for un unsupported software...

    PS: actually I'm running WizD with no problems at all. but this one is also unsupported anymore...

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    WizD is also DNLA compatible ?


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    Sorry, don't know.
    I use WizD with my Syabas media player.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lifeisfun View Post

    but you do need some sort of license for this right?
    can you still buy one?

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    I guess so, I didn't even managed to install it

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