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Thread: Performance and new firmwares for WL-500g Deluxe

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    Performance and new firmwares for WL-500g Deluxe


    are the performance problems of this unit solved with the new firmwares, regarding samba, usb2.0 and wlan/lan? Is it still not much faster then WL-500g. Tried search function, but didnīt find anything. Looking forward buying deluxe one, replacing my current siemens rouzer because of better performance and fileserver capabilites.



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    nobody with WL-500g deluxe out there?

    I happy about any information concerning my questions?


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    Just to let you know: every post contains date, and it's wise to keep this in mind. It's something like unbelievable to ask here for status made by ASUS guys on the fixing the problem, while it was just published. You may want to contact ASUS tech support and ask them directly...
    I do not have any info on the fix yet.

    As for samba - did you know, that stock firmware does not contain samba? As for custom firmwares - use search and you will find several numbers. deluxe box is about 2x faster than wl500g when it's acting as NAS box.

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    Thanks, for the information. I'll try to get more informations from asus.


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