Hi guys,

I've been running a WL-500G router and two WL-HDD's for quite a while now and I've been very happy with this set-up.
Last week I replaced the router with a (Sitecom) 300N and I'm now slowly rebuilding my set-up. The speed of the new router really is fantastic.
What I would like to do is use one of the WL-HDD's as as NAS / download-machine, directly connected to the router via a LAN-port. To avoid any interference, I'd like to turn off the wireless function of the WL-HDD. I'm hoping it's possible to use the "N" speed to transfer files from the WL-HDD to my PC, instead of the "g"-speed I used before.
Does anyone on this forum have this kind of setup? What did you do in the configuration of the WL-HDD?

After I've got that up and running, the next step will be getting my other WL-HDD to perform as a music server again, using TwonkyVision. I'm using Noxon/Philips clients, so the "g" speed is sufficient.
What do you guys think would be the best approach?
  • Create a different wireless network for my clients, with the WL-HDD being the server
  • Connect the WL-HDD to the router via LAN and let the clients connect to the routers wireless network

Quite a long story, but with the holidays around the corner, enough time to tinker about

Happy holidays,