WL500GP how to upload files to the Webspace?

I Use wput
ipkg install wput
wput 123.txt ftp://username:password@ftp.myweb.hinet.net-t 0-d

BUT have the following error message

Added file `123.txt' to queue.
Added URL `ftp://username:password@ftp.myweb.hinet.net' to queue.
processing queue:
File: `123.txt'
URL : `ftp://username:password@ftp.myweb.hinet.net'
IP of `ftp.myweb.hinet.net' is `'
PRE_GUESS: local_file: 123.txt
remote_path: remote_file: (0)
POST_GUESS: local_file: 123.txt
remote_path: remote_file: 123.txt
Searching for skip_entry ftp://username:password@
--13:04:39-- `123.txt'
=> ftp://username:password@
starting again
Connecting to c_sock: 3
initiating timeout connect (300)
[Operation now in progress]Closing socket 4271d8
Connection ended. (0)
processing queue:
FINISHED --13:04:39--
Transmission of 1 file failed.
Is there other useful tools to upload file,include FTP & HTTP ?
Please help me,Thank for your reply