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Thread: email script !

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    email script !

    First of all i want to thx to al developers from here and for their great work !! this forum helped me allot !!!

    I have a little problem :

    From my ISP i have a dynamic PPOE connection , every time the rooter reboot they change the IP , in that case everytime i want to connect from work to router i cant because if the router rebooted in meantime ...i dunno the new IP !

    I think maybe someone know such a script or someone with good skills can make a script :

    i think if it`s possible to run a script , after the router reboot to send me an email with the new IP configuration (ifconfig or something ) !
    In that way when i want to connect from my work to the router i chek my mail first to see the IP !!!

    I think maybe that script can help allot of ppl , who are in same situation like me !

    I will apreciated any help or advice !

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    Well, have a closer look at and investigate your routers webif.
    Everything what you want to do is already available on your router.
    1.) Get an account at
    2.) Configure your asus for (use just regular webif!)
    3.) open the needed ports on your asus
    4.) access your router for instance by:
    Dependent to your needs, you have to use different ports, programs aso.

    Use search function of this forum, I bet you'll find everything.

    Have fun
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