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Thread: WebCam - SPCA50x drivers

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    How can i use it with 500w? I need step by step manual

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    sorry for my bad english.
    Please make new version driver for wl500.
    On page current version drivers 1.00.20 date: 24/12/2007

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    It seems to work for me, but I do not know how to chek it from a Windows machine?


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    Trust WB-1400T (vend/prod 0x93a/0x2468) on WL-500gP

    I have problem with my webcam Trust WB-1400T on WL-500gP.
    I have insmod /tmp/harddisk/modules/spca5xx.o in post-mount. Modul was installed but the camera wasn't not detected .

    Where can be problem ? I have Oleg firmware

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    Trust WB-1400T

    the WB-1400T need a PAC207 controller/driver and will not work with spca5xx.

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    Here's a new version of the driver, the latest for v4l.

    I couldn't get it to work with my QC express (0x092f), the source is ok but I always get no driver registered for this device...

    Maybe someone can try it and get better results.
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    The same spca5xx driver with some fixes:

    You can give it a try, no guaranty it'll work though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi View Post
    hello all
    first, sorry for my poor english.
    i have Vimicro Zc301P (vid: 0x0ac8 pid: 0x303b), i download spca5xx-20060501 from, the original driver working on my Gentoo (kernel 2.6.16-r7) but WL-500b (kernel 2.4.20) is fail.

    i fixed spca5xx-20060501, now it working on WL-500b ok, but rcamd is unsupport spca5xx driver, so i cross-compile spcaserv for WL-500b, the spcaserv now working on WL-500b ok and you can use spcaview in you linux-box see camera video.

    thank mxhaard!

    download compiled bin file
    1. put spca5xx.o and spcaserv to WL-500b(g)
    2. insmod spca5xx.o
    3. ./spcaserv -d /dev/video -f jpg -s 320x240
    4. in you linux-box, run spcaview -w IP

    i upload spca5xx-20060501.path and spcaserv-mips.tar.gz for somebody
    spca5xx steps:
    1. download original spca5xx-20060501.tar.gz
    2. tar zxvf spca5xx-20060501.tar.gz
    3. download spca5xx-20060501.path, put to spca5xx-20060501 path.
    4. cd spca5xx-20060501
    5. patch -p1 < spca5xx-20060501.patch
    6. modify KINCLUDE in Makefile, e.g. /home/xxx/wl500b_dev/broadcom/src/linux/linux
    7. make
    8. upload to WL-500b and insmod spca5xx.o

    spcaserv steps:
    1. download original spcaserv.tar.gz
    2. tar zxvf spcaserv.tar.gz
    3. cd spcaserv
    4. make
    5. upload to WL-500b and run spcaserv
    ./spcaserv -d /dev/video -f jpg -s 320x240
    Can you help me? How I can upload spca5xx.o to WL-500?

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