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Thread: WL-500W and WD Passport Essential

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    Exclamation WL-500W and WD Passport Essential


    Has anybody succeeded in attaching a WD Passport Essential HDD to this router? I can write to it but when I try to read, the HDD stops. It works swimmingly on my pc and dvd player. Can't say the same thing about the router too...

    I have read on Asus's vip forum that this router only provides 0.5 A on its USB ports. Is this the problem? And if so, has anybody succeeded in attaching a WD My Book 2 Essential Edition (with own power source) to the router?

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    I have a normal essentials with external power supply
    I also have a mybook with externel psu..
    never had any problems

    so yeh, could be the usb power problem, this also causes a less strong wifi signal btw...
    so, you could buy a usb 2.0 hub with psu

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    Hello again!
    Thanks for the answer. At least that will work.

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