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Thread: Port forwarding values stuck in nvram

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    Port forwarding values stuck in nvram

    I'm running the custom firmware and noticed something weird. There are extra ports in the port forwarding summary that are not in my static port forwarding table (in the advanced settings). These seem to be in the nvram and were maybe entered by upnp in the past. However, the ports don't seem to be released after restarts or trying to add them to the static table and then remove them again.

    I'm not too keen on resetting the whole device as the setup to it's current state took some time.

    Any idea how to purge the port forwarding entries from the nvram on a line by line basis (I can do it in iptables but that only stays in effect until the next power cycle)?

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    Found my answer:

    I went into the router via telnet and looked thru the nvram settings using:

    nvram show
    I then found the errant entries. They were listed in the nvram as forward_port# where # was the entry (there were 9 of them). I didn't want to zero the values out, I wanted the values gone altogether. I did this by typing the following:

    nvram unset forward_port0
    nvram unset forward_port1
    nvram unset forward_port8
    I then re checked the nvram contents and the forward_port entries were gone.

    I then wrote the nvram back from ram to make the changes permanent using:

    nvram commit
    I then rebooted and the entries are gone (and upnp is behaving itself both entering and releasing the entries as intended).

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