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Thread: WL-330g loses connection

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    Exclamation WL-330g loses connection

    Hi there, i have an brand new wl-330g and connected it to my satellite receiver.
    It receives a ip adress, but after two or three minutes it loses the connection.
    After taking the power of it works again for 5 minutes, it isn't possible after this time to connect to the http control center..

    Anyone familiar with this problem? I ave already installed the latest firmware.



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    Quote Originally Posted by soulfly73
    It receives a ip adress, but after two or three minutes it loses the connection.
    I have two. One is working fine as an AP but the other is in Ethernet Adaptor mode and fails constantly. I have saved the SID of my AP, told it never to connect to anything else, and tried all sorts. It will work for a while, then just stops routing packets. All 3 leds are on, but it won't work unless power cycled.

    Unfortunately it isn't possible to connect to it with a web browser once it thinks it is assosciated, and there is no way I know of to talk to it any other way. I can't use the supplied .exe because I am on Suse 9.2 and the .exe won't run under Wine. It's been suggested elsewhere that intensive traffic makes it worse, and that seems familiar - I can't rely on it to survive downlading updates from Suse. But that may be a red herring: you would not notice it failing with no traffic, and the FTP source I noticed it on is throttled to 64Kb/s in most cases.

    So yes, I'm having the same problem, but That's not much help.

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    Ethernet Adaptor mode to D-Link 614+ (wlan router) what i did to make it work "properly":
    First remove all security options from the Wirelesslan And add mac filter on the d-link/router so u at least can block wannabees, i hope Set number of ips for the dhcp to a minimum also and check the log of the router regulary so u at least can see if peeps are trying to connect.
    Broadcast ssid on the d-link/router specify a channel if u want too.
    Fill in SSID on the asus, maybe specify the channel chosen on the router to be used too.

    If you cant connect to the webinterface, set the client's (the pc/xbox/sat.tuner) ip adress in the same series as the deafualt asus 330g range, and set the asus 330g ip as default gateway. If u still cant connect maybe try to use another pc to set it up and then connect it to the proper client when ur done. Also u can try connect to "myAsus" also in the webbrowser via the router, also the router should show the ip of the asus so u can try the ip its given directly from another pc in ur lan.

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